Hoping these pointers will help you plan your next pet vacation better and make the process a little easier. If given a choice you may want to start with the travel planning before you zero in on your destination.

The travel: It may come as a surprise to numerous pet families that the train remains the most comfortable option for out-city travel with your pet (provided the travel time is beyond 4hrs-6hrs). Book an a/c first class (a coupe) and you are set to go. The next best option is the car. If driving is not your idea of a start to the holiday, then you may want to consider a pet friendly taxi to take you to your destination. I would stay away from air travel. House my buddy in a crate placed in the belly of an aircraft is not an ideal start to a holiday.
Consider how comfortable your pet would be to travel (time and mode) and to start you could maybe consider a radius that entails a comfortable travel time.
Remember, you holiday includes your travel. Planned smartly, and both you and your pet(s) would will remember it that way too.

The destination: If you have a preferred travel time/distance radius in mind, you will be able to arrive at a set of options to choose from. Some of the filters you may want to ask yourself/check with the hospitality partner include:
– Property type : Are vast open space for you and your pet something you would look forward to as part of your holiday; Imagine the freedom to bolt in a fenced area chasing birds and playing fetch…
– Activities: Are you open to the idea of indulging in activities with you pet, say something like trekking, or would you prefer to leave them behind with pet sitters at the resort while step out
– Hospitality type: Would you prefer homestays, resorts or outbound campsites
– Weather: Would your pet be comfortable with the weather at the destination

The booking: There are numerous hospitality and location options if you look at the right places. My advice is that you start by browsing options with aggregators. One always has the option of reaching out to the resorts directly. I may hesitate to do so especially if it my first time.
The good news is that the cost structures usually do not result in a higher rate for you as the holiday seeker. The benefits of course are numerous including a base level service expectation and support before and during your stay. Also there is usually an independent evaluation to some degree that backs the information and reviews that are put up on their website. All in all, let service and experience levels be managed between the service provider and the aggregator while you have your holiday mood undisturbed.
Hope this helps you as you set out on your pet vacation.
Happy pet holidays to all of us!