Who doesn’t love a good vacation? With some time off, one of the first ideas to pop into our heads is to travel to a relaxing destination nearby and take some time off to rejuvenate ourselves and recover from the monotony of daily urban life. Living in India, we have a variety of destinations to choose from if the need to travel arises, but for pet lovers, the story changes completely! If you’re just like us, you have probably cancelled more than one vacation owing to making arrangements for your pets. Travelling with pets in India is a relatively newer concept, with it being possible mostly only if you have your own accommodation, Indians are still exploring the idea of not leaving their pets behind when they go on vacation. Let’s just say, we have good news. Pet friendly holidays in India are not just a possibility anymore! It’s an absolute reality and something that is becoming incredibly common!

For years together now, most of the proverbial West, including the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand have made pet friendly vacations the norm. This radical development is owed to the fact that primary lifestyle choices in these countries involve owning and caring for a pet. With the cost of domestic labour being much higher in these nations, it becomes close to impossible to leave your pet behind in someone’s care. More and more hotels have opened their facilities to pets – close to 35,000 pet friendly vacation homes across the US alone! This is, of course, in addition to other pet-friendly vacation spots like parks, beaches, cafes and what not, making pet vacations, a luxurious, relaxing experience rather than a stressful one.

In India, we can’t claim that pet friendly holidays are an easy task– we’d be lying to ourselves and to you, but the truth is that this is an industry that is growing.  More people are now aware of the possibility of a holiday with pets and are opting for it. With a growing number of pet friendly holiday rentals in the country, suddenly, travelling with your pet does not seem like a bad idea anymore! No longer will you have to leave your dog behind at a kennel while you sit anxiously on your vacation wondering if they’re okay! With airlines and trains accommodating pets as part of your pet friendly travel package, it’s now easy to take your pets on vacation for longer distances and durations. Pet friendly holiday resorts are popping up by the dozens, and as pet lovers we are excited about the prospects this brings to the holiday planning table!

We at CollarFolk are thrilled to be a part of this change in our country, where we are now facilitators of the ideal vacation – one where you can take the entire family, including your beloved pet! With a comprehensive list of pet friendly resorts and pet friendly vacation destinations available to choose from, and all the guides and information for a stress free pet vacation when travelling with your pet, we make your dream holiday come true. CollarFolk is proud to play a key role in helping Indians all over the country create anxiety free, pet friendly vacations.  It’s time to take a load off your mind and plan your next big family vacation! So come, book a pet friendly holiday rental with CollarFolk and let us help you change the way you travel!