The perfect holiday with your pet means leaving him off leash, so he can bound freely. But what happens when your pet is not welcoming of strangers and other pets? Does this come in the way of your planning a holiday together?

All you need to do is share your requirements with your Holiday Manager at CollarFolk.

What makes us different?

We have you covered. CollarFolk can assist you in selecting the right accommodation. You can choose from private homestay, to cottages with a private patch of green and even luxurious resorts with large private decks and balconies.

We understand this is not a regular holiday, it’s one with your pet. It’s bound to to be different. And so we have tailored our service offering to not be regular either.We keep in mind not only your need of privacy but also the needs of other guests who may not be as comfortable around pets. So we choose accommodation that is tucked away, providing you a clutter free passage to your room.

Here are some properties which have rooms with private open spaces:

The Dune Eco Village and Spa



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Manasi bungalow

Sans Souci Alibaug



Nandana Estate



Cottage In Bhowali




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